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Going "minimal" improved my life in 9 ways

I didn't read that book, I bought a month ago. I didn't write that blog post about photo editing app I like, didn't take that picture of my favorite building in the neighborhood I pass by every day, didn't write that email to our insurance company, I'm already 4 days behind the deadline. And what about my son? I promised to take him to park... maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow will be my day! I will wake up early and get things done, I promise !

Tomorrow, it all repeats.

What do I do all day ?

Well the funny thing is, I barely sit down during the day. I'm always so busy arranging the house, kid, groceries, laundry.... arranging... arranging! That's what I do all day. I became a slave to our cluttered house and life. Finally, when all is done, I sit down for a cup of coffee and scroll through Instagram. I see all these super cool mothers with 5 kids, 2 dogs, beautiful bright homes, so organized. They are smiling and everybody is happy. And while I do understand, that it's kind of a show for a social media, I follow some of these bloggers closely for quite a long time now and realize, they actually DO get some things done. No, they don't have 3 maids in the kitchen, and yet they raise kids, and are happy and even, get this, help others to reach the same happiness and business goals !!!

What do these people, that I admire have in common ?

Call me crazy now, they all have white, clutter free kitchens :) That kind of a kitchen, where you feel like you are in a cooking show, before they set up the equipment.  It's so empt,y that you just stand there and drink that cup of coffee and search around for some newspapers to read, cause there is nothing to do.

Unlike me, walking into our kitchen : " ooooh myyyy gooood! There is a cheese on the table, I forgot to put into fridge last night, cause it was under the plastic bag full of plastic bags, that im saving only God knows why. Oh yeah, wait I know. I'm saving them, so I can pack those empty glass jars, that take up half of my cabinets. Yes. That's why, I have no space for my dished and keep them on the kitchen counter then... I will use them one day, when I go to market and buy some strawberries and my son is in the nursery and I have time to make homemade jam, that nobody eats at the end....and and and.

You get it where I'm getting with this,right? Now, I have this crazy flow of thoughts entering every single room of our house, till I reach one of two. Or I run like a chicken without a head and try to arrange it all, or I get so overwhelmed, I just sit down and stare into wall, numb. Then scroll Instagram again to escape reality...

Either this or that, let me tell you, what I really think. NOBODY CARES if your house is clean, how much dishes and laundry you washed, floors you swept, towels you folded.... So Less of it you do, better for you. And this is how I started to be interested in minimalism. And found my sanity. It's getting stronger every day and I'm starting to see changes in my life, that I have never ever thought I was capable off.

Minimalism has no rules.

Minimal life doesn't mean to open your windows and push all your belongings out of it. It means different things to different people. There are NO strict rules. The idea is to remove excess stuff from our life, that doesn't make us happy anymore. Be it clothes, empty jars, broken toys, toxic people or maybe reducing our use of plastic, water, time wasted on internet. It can be anything you want it to be...So the things, that are important in our life, can grow & glow.

1. I'm blogging again.

A year ago, I was not able to write down one article in a month. Now I'm so pumped and energized I woke up on my own today, before everybody else, to sit at my desk and get some work done.

2. I have donated many things and feel great about myself

Why should one keep 38 pairs of shoes, while there is someone out there who has 1 or none? Oh c'mon. Just give up that clutter, you will not take it to grave anyway.

3. I started to read!!!

The house looks better and better, day by day, as decluttering and minimal lifestyle is a long term process. BUT less picking up and organizing my stuff gives me more space to focus and organize my head, thoughts and instead of bringing new things into our life, that we don't need, I started to gather knowledge.

4. I stopped shopping like there was no tomorrow.

I went to a mall 3 times in a past month, bought one pair of basic white jeans and they were not on sale ( I always buy stuff on sale hahaha).

5. I started to look for high quality handmade stuff

It gives me a huge pleasure to find pieces that last, have a story behind and I support local makers and small businesses.

6. I sold my stuff

I sold many things I didn't need and cash I received, invested in to renovation of the bedroom.

7. I take less time to get ready

I'm in the process of creating a capsule wardrobe right now and even though I'm still far away from the finish line, the time I need to get dressed in the morning, dropped by half. My guess is, it's because I no longer flip over 30 t-shirts I don't like, till I reach one of those top 5, I actually like to wear :) .

8. New inspiration is coming in

I love to create and ever since the house starts to look emptier, brighter, my creativity is picking up at a high speed.  And I LOVE IT.

9. I took out my SLR

With all these beautiful empty corners we have now, it's a great oportunity to start to take pictures I always wanted to and couldn't, cause there was just too much clutter to put away, before I got to actual work.


How often do you declutter and how do you feel afterwards? Please share with me your experience in comments. Have a lovely day now.