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Linen and cotton are not the "same thing"

One might get confused, thinking that linen and cotton originate from the same plant which is processed in two different ways. This is a short article, explaining the main difference between these two, and that is, cotton comes from the cotton plant while linen comes from the flax seed plant. 

Cotton in brief

white cotton field author Jdblack via PixabayIts a plant growing in small white fluffy balls, mainly in tropical and subtropical areas, Americas, Africa, India, Mexico and of course Egypt. Mexico has the greatest diversity of wild cotton species, while India is the biggest exporter. There are 4 main types of cotton grown worldwide. This plant required lots of sunshine, some amount of rain and and fairly heavy soil. Most of the countries are harvesting cotton mechanically with a nmachine called cotton picker. However there are still many places, specially in developing countries, where cotton is handpicked by farmers. Afterwards, the fiber is spun into yarn or a thread and used for production of cotton fabric.


Linen in brief

Flower meadow flax plant author Couleur via Pixabay

Linen, unlike cotton, is made from the fiber of flax plant which requires quite a different climate to grow. It's fiber is stronger than cotton, its super absorbent, with ability to dry fast. People appreciate linen in the hot and humid days for it's cooling properties. Flax is grown in many parts of the world, but top quality flax is grown mainly in Western European countries and Ukraine. Recently, the bulk linen production has shifted to Eastern Europe, China, India, United States and Russia.






Flower meadow flax plant author Couleur via Pixabay
cotton plant in vase author Stocksnap via Pixabay
dried out flax plant author Suju via Pixabay
white cotton field author Jdblack via Pixabay