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Shipping & Return policy

1. All orders are accepted via Eshop at

2. Delivery takes up to 5 working days within Cairo area and up to 7 days in other governorates, unless it's stated otherwise, for example with pre-orders.

3. Delivery fee is 60 EGP in Cairo, quotes for other governorates upon request.

4. A client must examine the package and its content, before making the payment. It is allowed to try items on at home, while the courier waits outside.

5. Once the payment for the package is given to courier, the sale is considered final and we do not accept returns.

6. A client is not required to accept all of the items in the shipment, but those he chooses.

7. We do not accept returns of customised items, as bags or carpets with logos.

8. For any other inquires, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.